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Imam Hussein Institute for the Visually Impaired that belongs to the Imam Hussain Shrine has heled 2 courses for preparing Braille language teachers in the city of Diyala and the city of Maysan, Iraq.

The courses held were superintended by the Dr. Sadiq Elmalikey – head of Braille Language Organization for the Visually Impaired in Iraq.

According to the media of the institute, a course titled “The Alternative Eye,” and another titled “Vision Defiance” were attended by 24 persons. The 2 courses will run for 14 days during which students learn the basic rules of Braille language, conduct, and the speaking system.

The institute added that these 2 courses are essential, and they will be followed by supplementary courses in the future until the students become qualified teachers.

It is notable to mention that the institute has opened a branch in the city of Muthenna – Southern Iraq – this year.


Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi


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