Completion rates in the Autism Centre affiliated with the Shrine

The Department of Strategic Projects at the Holy Shrine announced continuing works on the Autism Treatment Center project in the Shattu Al-Arab district, Basra, northern Iraq.

Ali Fayyad Faisal, the project resident engineer, said in an interview, "Our engineering and technical cadres continue their works on the project with high efforts, noting that the completion rates exceeded (55%) and being implemented on a land of (12,500 m2)."

He added, "The project consists of three multi-functional floors with a building area of (9000 m2), in addition to allocating (1600 m2) for the green spaces and a car park with (1200 m2)."

He continued, "The project consists of (25) educational classrooms with a building area of (1247 m2), in addition to a sports hall for children, two large libraries, and (3) restaurants. It also includes rooms dedicated to sensorial therapy, psychological and physical therapy rooms, a swimming pool for physical therapy, and an imagination city Noting, that the project is being implemented under global standards and unique designs."

It is stated that; his eminence, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, is following up on the field progress of works, and similar projects are being implemented in several Iraqi governorates.


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas