Completion rates in the Shelter dedicated to those without social care affiliated with the Shrine

The Shrine's Department of Strategic Projects announced continuing works on the shelter project dedicated to those without Social Care.


Eng Mohammad Dhiaa, the head of the department, said, "The project is considered one of the important service projects adopted by the Holy Shrine to embrace the homeless and those without care."


He stated, "The project is being implemented on a land of (6,552 m2) with a building area of (13,000 m2), with (6) floors, noting that the project consists of (patients examination rooms, resting rooms, computer hall, a central restaurant, a mosque and teaching halls)."


He explained, "The project is witnessing advanced completion rates, as it is considered one of the important service projects designed according to the latest global standards."



Aba al-Hassan Abbas 


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas