The place of abdullah “The infant”

It has been called the place of Ali Al-Asghar, the place where Imam Hussain stood carrying Abdullah, his child, while requesting the disbelieving army of Umar B. Saàd for a small amount of water. The leader of the army, Umar B. Saàd, ordered his servant Harmala B. Kahill to assassinate this pure and sinless infant. Harmala gladly agreed and pulled out his bow and arrow, he targeted Abdullah’s throat, which was his bull’s eye, and struck the poor infant ruthlessly. Moments after, Imam Hussain’s youngest son solemnly passes away amongst his father’s arms. The place sets in a narrow alley in Bab Al-Taq and consisted of a small wooden net that measured 1*0.5 m. The net was later replaced with a newer metallic structure that measures 4*3 m. Generally, pilgrims visit it when they approach Karbala.

In the present day, it developed into a small room as it measures 4*3 m. The interior walls and flooring are covered with Italian marble, as for the ceiling, decorated mirrors fulfil its surface.