The Shia citizens in New Jersey, US, host a peace walk in the memorial of Ashura

The local Shia Muslim community has announced that it will host the Walk of Peace from 4 to 8 PM on Saturday, July 22, in remembrance of Imam Hussein.

Daniel Reiman, the US state mayor of New Jersey, said, "The Heroic battle Imam Hussain had with his family and 72 followers in Karbala against tyranny in 680 AH is an immortal message, as he confronted Yazeed with his massive army, the arrogant, sinful ruler."

Reiman spoke: "Imam Hussain and his supporters sacrificed their lives rather than being under oppression, and later speeches given by the women of Imam Hussain's family led to reveal his disgrace and end his tyranny."

He continued, "Annually, On the tenth of Muharram -The first month of the Islamic calendar- Shia around the world commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain, noting that this year Shia will organise a march to show solidarity, truth, and justice."

Sayyed Bukhari, the walk organiser, said, "The local walk is part of the Shia Muslim community's 'Standing with Dignity' campaign to raise awareness of Imam Hussain."

Al-Bukhari added, " 'Standing with Dignity' is inspired by one of the greatest movements of faith, love, and humanity. It is difficult to find a man who embodies the ideals of honour, bravery, and dignity like Imam Hussain, who challenged Yazeed 1400 years ago, and his name stayed immortal until this day."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas