Massive personnel and volunteers are engaged with Shrine's Ashura plan

The Department of Caring and Protecting the Holy Shrine courtyard unveiled its plan for the Ashura pilgrimage, indicating that the strategy includes (3200) personnel and volunteers.

Fadhel Abo Dakka, the department's head, said: "Our department set early preparations for the security and service plan for the days of Muharram."

He stated, "The steel bollards near the Shrine and Bayna AlHaramain area, in addition to the streets leading to the Holy shrines, were installed and equipped with modern devices."

He added, "We are working on setting up locations to accommodate pilgrims, including all essential amenities required for them to perform their worship ceremonies and rituals. Additionally, cold water will be provided everywhere, as we are in an extremely heatwave."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas