American city witnessed a special celebration coinciding with Imam Radha's birthday anniversary

Community leaders, clerics, and Muslim and Christian politicians in the American city of Michigan celebrated the honoured birth of Imam Ali Al-Redha (PBUH) by holding a grand celebration that included many important events.


Media sources stated, "The celebration had several speeches which emphasised his greatness and important role, in addition to the virtues, sacrifices and morals of AhlualBayet."


Flowers Kenneth, leader of the Baptist Church, stated in his words that he had the honour of visiting Imam Hussain Holy Shrine in Karbala' with all the inspirational, holiness atmospheres that touched him and wish to see Imam Redha Shrine in the future."


The sources stated that the people who attended the celebration described it as an International Day for Friendship and shared his words, speeches, morals, and great wisdom.


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas