The Shrine hosts 16th Rabi' Al-Shahada festival, attended by (120) special guests

Imam Hussain's Shrine administration announced completing all preparations to launch the 16th Rabee' al-Shahada International cultural festival, named under the slogan (Imam Hussain in the nations' conscience) starting from (24-28 February 2023). Mohsen Al-Wazni, a central committee member of Imam Hussain's celebrations and events at the Shrine, said in an interview, " The Shrine's cadres have completed the preparation, noting that the festival includes several activities, such as inaugurating Karbala International Book Fair, a poetry evening, research competitions, as well as hosting guests from several countries around the world."  al-Wazni added," The festival will witness taking part over (44) countries and (120) guests, noting that there will be an honoring to a group of Iraqi competencies in several fields, including (medicine, engineering, energy, human development, and others.) besides making tours on the Shrine's projects to show them the advanced techniques, methods, devices used by the Shrine." He pointed out, " The Shrine aims to spread the Islamic culture represented by AhlualBayet, and abandoning fanaticism & extremism between religions and cults."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas