Imam Hussain Holy Shrine cultivates 1250-hectare land to support agricultural production

The Agricultural Development Department at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine announced the cultivation of 1250 hectares of wheat in order to achieve self-sufficiency and food security in Karbala and other provinces.

Agricultural expert and project supervisor Adnan Awaz al-Shammari said, "Sayyed al-Shuhada Agricultural City project aims to intensify and develop the agricultural production and at the same time achieve self-sufficiency and food security in Karbala and other provinces."

"This project is considered one of the largest strategic projects in the country, in which modern irrigation techniques are used such as center pivot irrigation systems,” added al-Shammari.

The City lies in Ayn al-Tamur District, which consists of desert lands that depend on groundwater. After analyzing the soil in laboratories and ensure its suitability for agricultural use, 1250 hectares of wheat were cultivated.

Al-Shammari pointed out that all modern agricultural techniques were used in this project in terms of mechanization and crop quality and control, which reduces the workforce, who number only ten.