Anonymous E-culture dangerous to youth, promotion of appropriate use of internet indispensable

In Friday’s sermon, held at the Imam Hussain Shrine on May 3, 2019, the representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sayyid Ahmed EsSafi, talked about the mediums through which a human’s cognitive system is formed.

EsSafi said a book, teacher, and family are essential to form a human’s cognitive system, adding that there are people who still read books and hold assemblies to discuss what they learn from books, for books still represent an important part of the human’s knowledge.

He also said that a teacher is essential to increase one’s knowledge, adding that family is what refines one’s cognitive system and helps them gain more experience in life by learning from fathers, mothers, and grandfathers.

EsSafi indicated that modern mediums of information are numerous – internet websites and social media are now part of people’s lives, and most of those information sources are anonymous, which may provide disinformation that causes confusion to people, especially the young who greatly rely on such information sources.

He noted that getting information from anonymous internet websites is easy but dangerous, for some information is meant to spread ignorance among people.

EsSafi expressed resentment toward what’s being promoted such as obloquy exercised against people on social media, adding that this phenomenon aids and abets those who are not well educated to lash each other using bad words that are unacceptable in common-sense morality.

A teacher, EsSafi mentioned, can diagnose and rectify a student’s misconception, while internet websites and social media are unable to do that.

He called for spreading the culture of the appropriate use of the internet, noting that a traditional society can be exposed to misconceptions if it is not educated well.


Editing: Wela’ EsSeffar

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi