Imam Hussain Modern City for Pilgrims starts its plans for the Pilgrimage

Imam Hussain's (PBUH) Modern City for Pilgrims started its extraordinary security, service, and health plans to serve the pilgrims.



Wa'el Hamza, Assistant Director of Imam Hussain City, stated, "The city announces its readiness to receive pilgrims and provide various services, starting from the security side, where coordination has been made with the Ali Al-Akbar forces (PMF) and local authorities with the engagement of over 600 prepared volunteers."


He added, "The city offers several services, including tents for pilgrims and answering religious questions such as legitimacy and jurisprudence, in addition to exhibitions and others."



He explained, "Plans have been set to provide the best services, where thousands of meals will be given daily, in addition to monitoring all the city's places in order to protect the pilgrimage and preserve the pilgrims with very developed cameras."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas