The Shrine's canteen announced distributing hundreds of thousands of meals in Muharram

The Canteen Department affiliated with the Holy Shrine announced the distribution of over (400 thousand) meals for the pilgrims of Ashuraa during the past ten days.

The deputy head of the department, Mohammad Ibrahim Hassan, said, "As part of the plan, we have launched meal distribution since Ashuraa's beginning to provide food and drink for the Pilgrims, noting that over (400k) meals have been distributed."

He continued, "The meals were distributed in three ways: the 1st was in the Shrine's canteen, the 2nd at Al-Sidra Street, and the 3rd was for the personnel and volunteers. In addition, several materials have been distributed to over (50) processions inside the city of Karbala."

It is stated that the Shrine's canteen provides thousands of daily meals at three meal shifts for thousands of pilgrims.


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas