Imam Hussain Shrine secretary-general commends the shrines' significant role in society

Imam Hussain's Holy Shrine Secretary-General, Mr. Hassan Rasheed Al-Abaiji, affirmed that the Holy Shrines occupy a vital place in the religious field under the umbrella of the supreme religious authority and perform a significant role in both, the national and international fields in sensitive or dangerous cases of the Islamic nation. This came during the opening of the Holy Shrines International Conference.

Al-Abaiji said in his speech, "As we experience these sacred days full of spiritual atmosphere when Imam Ali (PBUH) was selected by Allah through his Messenger prophet Mohammad to be a caliph on Muslims, and the day of Al-Mubahala, so we celebrate this occasion and praise Almighty Allah for his greatest blessings."

He added, "We believe that the basis that always brings us together is the kinship relationship that brings the Holy Shrines together, as the Shrines represent the host of all humanitarian initiatives to serve the society and pilgrims of sacred sites, noting that the experiences and circumstances the Holy Shrines' administrations faced through the past 20 years lead them to be reliable from everyone."

He explained that "there are fateful denominators and common fraternal bonds that need continuous communication to strengthen them so that we stand as an impenetrable bulwark to repel the fierce wind and support religion and humanity, noting, "The stability of the Holy Shrines and their protection is something done by the government, as their projects in different aspects provide services to the whole country and citizens; in addition, the Shrines stability means the stability of the entire country."

And he continued, "We seize this opportunity of this significant historical meeting with your auspicious presence to express our sincere thanks to you while you are between your families in the sacred Shrine of Imam Hussain (PBUH), saying that several axes have been prepared, including the savage and violent insult for the Holy Quran that happened lately in Sweden by the Iraqi refugee and the lustful thoughts of vices carried by the western wind to our societies covered with freedom, so we have to put hands together and set our minds to face these thoughts."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas