Expansion's latest completion rates at Wareth international oncology foundation

The Department of Engineering and Technical Projects at the Holy Shrine announced the latest completion rates in the Wareth International Foundation's expansion, dedicated to Oncology in Karbala.

The institution, which includes modern medical devices, the first of its kind in Iraq, provides paid health services (for free) to children under the age of (15)

The engineer supervising the project, Zaid Fadel, said in an interview, " Under Sheikh al-Karbalae's follow-up and guidance, our cadres continuing their hard work in the project."

He explained that "the project is witnessing advanced completion rates, as it reached over (90%), noting that the project's total area is (13,250 m2), while the construction area is about (60,000 m2), and it includes three towers, the 1st and 2nd consist of (14) floors, while the 3rd has (7) floors."

It is stated that the expansion's reason is to accommodate the highest number of patients to provide them with the best medical and treatment services and that the amplest part of the space will be allocated to children and women."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas