Imam Hussain Holy Shrine sets up 60-bed makeshift hospital equipped with the latest medical equipment in record time

Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has begun setting up an emergency makeshift hospital in Karbala, with a capacity of 60 beds to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health in countering COVID-19.

Imam Zain al-Abiden Hospital Consultant Dr. Sattar al-Saadi said, "The Holy Shrine is making an extraordinary effort to support the Iraqi people in general, and the people of Karbala in particular, in the preventive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we can see the Engineering Projects Department is currently setting up an emergency makeshift hospital.”

The hospital, formerly the venue of Karbala International Book Fair, will have a capacity of 60 beds to receive patients, and is equipped with the latest medical equipment with international specifications.

"My colleagues in the Engineering Projects Department are working continuously to complete the hospital and fully equip it within three days," added al-Saadi.

Miyassar al-Hakim, Director of the Karbala International Book Fair, said in an interview, "All maintenance requirements and preparation of the place were carried out under the supervision of the Holy Shrine’s departments of Engineering Projects and Maintenance.”

The new hospital includes all the necessary medical devices and departments such as sonar, radiology and laboratory, in addition to a competent medical team under direct supervision of Imam Zain al-Abiden Hospital.