Figures from different religious denominations and religions: Visiting the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali is a worship that brings us closer to Allah

An official delegation representing the different religious denominations and religions in Iraq was honored to visit Imam Ali Holy Shrine.

Head of the delegation, Sheikh Abdul-Amir al-Kilani, Imam of Baghdad’s al-Aboud Mosque, said in a statement, "Our delegation represents Taj al-Mahaba wa al-Salaam Organization in Baghdad, and includes a group of Shia, Sunni, Sabaean, Christian and Chabak scholars. We visited Iraq’s holy shrines to spread love among all Iraqi people and to learn about each other’s religions.”

He added, "We came to be blessed by the visit of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, and this visit is a worship for us to be closer to Allah.”

The delegation toured the holy shrine and its historical landmarks and expressed their admiration in the expansion works.