Supreme Religious Authority holds government responsible for Basrah people's crisis, warns against irresponsible social media use

Friday, August 24, 2018, the representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sheikh Abdul-Mehdi Elkerbela’ey, delivered the Friday’s sermon at the Imam Hussain Shrine in which he mentioned the complaints of the people of the city of Basrah who have been suffering from contaminated water.

Elkerbela’ey said: “Despite the Muslim Supreme Religious Authority’s and other authorities’ appeals to the government for a temporary solution for the water contamination in Basrah, the efforts the government is making are still below the threshold for a temporary relief.”

“It is unfortunate that this humanitarian crisis has for long not been ended, where the parties in power have been doing nothing but blaming one another,” added Elkerbela’ey.

He then said it is a humanitarian, national, and rightful duty that holds the government responsible for what’s happening to the people of Basrah who are now getting poisoned and suffering with skin diseases. And it is still possible to end this issue if the central government and the local government shoulder responsibilities, overlook their disputes, and work as one team.

Another contemporary issue Elkerbela’ey cast light on is the social media that many are now addicted to. He indicated that social media has permeated society, and it – for most of the adults and children – is necessary and has become one of the elements that shape people’s ideological, cultural, and political perspectives, in addition to influencing them ideologically, ethically, psychologically, and emotionally.

He further mentioned that social media poses a dire threat to children and the way they are brought up. He also said, “Social media can be a useful and informative resource for everyone if it is used properly, but it is – unfortunately – being widely used to promulgate aberrant thoughts and misconceptions and isolate family members from each other, and such a virtual world has disunited families and marriages and caused many people depression and some psychological disorders.”


By: Wela’ Esseffar

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi