Imam Hussain Modern City prepares several medical plans Arba'een pilgrimage

Imam Hussain Moder City for Pilgrism at Babylon-Karbala Road, in cooperation with the Karbala and Basra Health Departments, announced the start of its medical and health plan to provide the best services for the pilgrims.


Dr. Falah Mutashaar Hameed, head of the medical team in the Basra Health Department, stated, " "In cooperation with the Holy Shrine, an integrated medical plan was set, including the engagement of our team, which consists of 65 majors including doctors, pharmacists, laboratories, paramedics, and nurses for 24 hours a day."


He added, "We perform simple surgeries in the health centre in case of traffic accidents, burns, etc. Noting that the services will continue until the end of the Arb'een Pilgrimage."



Emad Ba'ao


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas