The Shrine's honoring ceremony for the sons of martyrs

Under the slogan (The man is honoured in his son), the Department of Caring for the Martyrs' and Wounded Families at the Shrine held a ceremony to fete (50) male and female students from the martyrs' Sons of PMF and soldiers who gave their lives to preserve this land, in cooperation with the university presidency.

The Shrine's Secretary-General's Deputy, Dr Ala Diaa al-Din, said in his word: "Today we remember those flowers that adorned our dear country and spread their fragrance to the whole world," noting that those Martyrs made something history will never forget by confronting ISIS terrorism."

He added, "If Iraq had fallen into this huge darkness, the whole world would be in great danger; therefore, we celebrate today the martyrs' sons who sacrificed themselves for their land and religion, and because of them, we could stand here with no fear."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas