Coinciding with Ramadhan, the Shrine announced distributing over (10,000) food baskets to the poor and needy people

The Holy Shrine announced the distribution of over (10,000) integrated food baskets to the martyrs' families, wounded, poor and those in need in Karbala and several Governorates coinciding with the blessed month of Ramadan.

The official of the preaching and Religious Education Division, Sheikh Fahim Al-Ibrahimi, said in an interview, "Under the guidance of the representative of the Supreme Religious Authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, and with tireless efforts by the sheikhs and officials, the baskets were given to the needy people, noting that the division continues providing orphans, poor, needy, and people with limited income throughout the blessed month of Ramadan with all foodstuff."

Imad Al-Jashami, head of the media unit in the Department of Caring for the Families of Martyrs and Wounded at the Shrine, announced that the families of martyrs and wounded in Karbala and other governorates have been provided with various food baskets."

Al-Jashami concluded, "the food basket includes all the requirements of the Ramadan table, and the program continues until the completion of all targeted people in cooperation with the Shrine's volunteers in the governorates."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas