Al-Safeer Hospital treats 612 cases (for free) within a month.

The administration of the Safeer of Imam Al-Hussein (AS) Specialized Hospital, affiliated with the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain announced that it continues to receive an increasing number of patients from various Iraqi governorates who suffer from infertility problems and delayed pregnancy and provides them with all services they need (at no cost).

The director of the hospital, Dr Amer Kareem Al-Shammari, said in an interview with the official website: "The hospital has recently witnessed a great turnout by citizens from various Iraqi governorates, pointing out that the hospital administration is making redoubled efforts to provide several services to the citizens (for free)"

He added that "the growing of numbers came as a result of extensive advertising about the services of the Abdullah Al-Radheea centre for Fertility and Sterility, noting that the centre (from 2016) until the beginning of (2022) did not witness such a great number of patients. pointing out that this thing happend especially after highlighting the centre services in a campaign adopted by The media department of Imam Hussain (As) Holy Shrine through the Imam Al-Hussain Foundation for Digital Media. 

He added that "the center received more than (612) patients of both genders, during the past month, While the number of ultrasound examinations reached (96) test, and (93) of laboratory examinations processes , while the artificial insemination processes were (24) process, which was all successful”

He added, "All medical consultations and services provided, such as laboratory tests, x-ray scans, artificial insemination, and so on, are (free) at the Abdullah AL-Radhee'a Center (As) affiliated to the Safir of Imam Al-Hussein (As) Specialized Hospital, pointing out that this kind of services costs a lot of money."

The director of the center, Dr Muhammad Hassan Shaaban, had indicated in a previous interview on the official website, that "the problem of delayed pregnancy and childbearing in Iraq is one of the most difficult medical obstacles common to most married men and women, and there are several scientific matters that we have reached, as it has become easy to obtain children through Positive results during IVF in our center, where we achieved great success rates.”

He explained, "The center's medical staff are specialized in treating infertility problems, and the center has been provided with all the latest scientific techniques and advanced medical devices, in addition to using modern treatment methods."

He added, "We have very good statistics and indicators with highly successful rates, as more than (1274) artificial insemination processes have been performed since 2016 until the first quarter of this year, and most of them were successful. As for laboratory examinations, the number reached (2053) tests, in addition to (1126) of the X-rays

it's stated that The Al-Safeer of Imam Hussein (As) Specialized Hospital affiliated with Imam Hussain Holy Shrine performs more than (1,000) major and above-the-major surgeries per month,

an average of 12,000 surgeries annually, all of them are free of charge

Translated by/ Aba al-Hassan Abbas


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas