Supreme Religious Authority addresses the youth, calls for embracing them

In Friday’s sermon the representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sayyid Ahmed EsSafi, delivered on May 17, 2019, he talked about the young who suffer enormous pressures, calling on the authorities concerned to lay stress on this significant segment of society.

EsSafi said young people are the potential a country needs to ensure itself a prosperous future.

He added that today’s young people may occupy vital positions after 15 years or more, and if they are not sophisticated and very well educated, they may not be a good asset to the country.

EsSafi indicated that the young people under pressures need to be guided by family, school, and society, adding that losing a young person means losing a useful member of society who can be a reformer.

Calling on the youth, EsSafi said it’s young people’s responsibility to those who may deviate from society’s norms.

He noted that young people are physically, intellectually, and mentally active, calling for benefiting from them at all times.

Countries are built with faithfulness and assiduity, and young people should tackle life and its challenges bravely and have goals to fulfill, EsSafi added.

He warned the youth against wasting time doing nonsensical things, saying that when young people don’t take advantage of their time, they will have to accept the consequences when they age.

EsSafi also warned young people, saying that those who think they understand everything in life should not feel this way; they need to listen to senior people with great experiences and learn from them, for they were young and experienced many things and can now advise the young to do what’s right, noting that it is important to know from whom young people learn, for there are those who attempt to exploit young people to achieve their goals.

EsSafi concluded, expressing fear of family disunity Iraq is going through, calling on the Iraqi families to pay more attention to their children, guide them, and help them be aware of the perils of life, the decision makers to support the young, and the young to be more educated and optimistic.


Editing: Wela’ EsSeffar

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi