Religious Authority's Representative: Young people should learn from birds to be early and active

Friday, August 31, 2018, the representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sayyid Ahmed Essafi, delivered the Friday’s sermon at the Imam Hussain Shrine in which he mentioned several issues the society is engrossed in.

He said it’s unfortunate to find university graduates who don’t know how to write their names properly, and if they write a paragraph, it is full of misspellings.

He added, “The more awareness rises, the more the deceivers lose opportunities to control people, for ignorance thrives on uneducatedness.”

He said further: “Nowadays, we notice that young people stay up late at night, going through uninformative websites that render them inactive and uneducated,” emphasizing that, “Those who want to kill time, time will kill them.”

Essafi wondered what convinced young people to not use their mind and adhere to such trivialities, calling on the youth to learn from birds and other creatures that spend the daylight practicing their lives and spend the night sleeping and resting.  

“Uneducatedness is perilous, and young people must make certain of the sources of information they learn from,” added Essafi.

He also called on parents to observe their children and teach them responsibility and the importance of knowledge to build up their country, for a country’s prosperity is contingent on its young people to prosper.

Essafi concluded, saying that young people have potential capabilities worthy of employment and should be embraced by those who can help.


By: Wella’ Essfar

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi