Supreme Religious Authority: Rights are claimed, reasonable anger saves peoples and countries

8/3/2018, the representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sayyid Ahmed Essafey, delivered the Friday’s sermon at the Imam Hussain Shrine in which he talked about the positive effects of being patriotically angry, for patriotism is one of the human’s natural characteristics that contributed to saving peoples and their homelands from getting defiled.

Essafey also said: “Human beings – by instinct – are zealous and patriotic, and these two traits are necessary for people to achieve their objectives. When one goes through a situation that requires them to get angry, they should get angry but without exceeding the limits of reasonability.”

His Eminence added, “Throughout history, patriotism impelled peoples to protect their countries from getting desecrated and defiled, and to claim their rights. There must always be a right when one demands something, for rights are claimed. And those whose rights are violated should know that the one who violates their rights always wants to keep doing that; therefore, those whose rights are violated must claim their rights.“

Essafey concluded his speech by saying, “I have just wanted to manifest the difference between positive anger and negative anger, and how people ought to feel patriotically angry to stand up for their rights and homelands.”


By: Wela’ Esseffar

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi