Launching expansion projects to provide more space for pilgrims

The Department of Engineering and Technical Projects at the Imam Hussain Shrine stated that the expansion projects of Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain tourists’ towns are to provide more space for pilgrims.

In charge of the Direct Implementation Unit Furqan Ridha Jasim said, “The expansion projects aim to provide more space for people, especially during grand pilgrimages to Imam Hussain Shrine."

Jasim added that the expansion projects are constructing a 12,000m2, six-floor building at Imam Hussain tourists’ town; 43% of which has been achieved, and a 9,600m2, six-floor building at Imam Hasan tourists’ town; 35% of which has been achieved.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi