Global market-leading rare dates at farm of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine

The Fadak Date Palm Farm, belonging to Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, has announced their achievement in leading the global markets of premium rare dates.  

Farm manager Eng. Faiz Abu al-Maali told Imam Hussain Holy Shrine’s official website, "Al-Majhool is one of the finest varieties of Arab palm trees that are spread in the US, Morocco, and North Africa. It leads the global markets due to the size of the fruit and the balance of its sweetness and excellence in flavor and good shape, with each date weighing up to 40 grams."

Abu Al-Maali pointed out that "this date palm is distinguished from the rest of the other palms as it can carry up to 15 date bunches, producing a total of 80-120kgs of dates per year.”

Al-Majhool Palms are rare in Iraq because of its high price and rareness in addition to the need for special care.