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The Center of Quranic Sciences & Interpretation & Printing at the al-Abbas Holy Shrine has issued a new publication titled "Learn Arabic through the Holy Quran", the first book of the "Learn from the Holy Quran " series to teach Arabic and the correct recitation of the Holy Quran in a new and elegant style that suits non-Arabic speakers.

Center Director Sheikh Dia'-Uddin al-Zubaydi stated, "Learning Arabic is key to learning how to read and understand the Holy Quran. Many of the believers residing in the non-Arabic speaking countries need a curriculum to learn this language, especially if it is from the Holy Quran, so that they can learn Arabic and read the Holy Quran correctly."

Al-Zubaydi added, "This book consists of 108 pages, characterized by clarity and selection of Quranic texts that fit this stage, in addition to audio clips, glossary, grammar and how to pronounce Arabic letters. It also includes practical exercises to further understand the holy texts."

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