Supreme Religious Authority: Iraq is deplorable and deteriorated among other societies

Friday, November 9, 2018, representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sheikh Abdul-Mehdi AlKarbala’ey delivered Friday’s sermon at the Imam Hussain Shrine in which he talked about the issues that have rendered the Iraqi people deteriorated, dependent on others, and deplorable among other societies.

AlKarbala’ey said that successful professional performance is one of the fundamental constituents to achieving goals.

He added that the other constituent to achieving success is based on the law, legislation, political system, and society.

“The more the politicians appreciate professionalism by supporting it legally, the better it becomes,” AlKarbala’ey said further.

He then noted that professional performance depends on everyone in the society. In addition, he said: “Unfortunately, our Iraqi society has given up on many principles and values that contribute to achieving success, and with such deterioration, Iraq is unable to be independent and self sufficient with what it has of great potentials—it has become dependent on others even in its basic needs of life.”


Edited by: Wela’ Esseffar

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi