Quran memorizer comes third in world's biggest Quran contest


The Quran House of Imam Hussein Shrine announced that one of its students who came in third in one of the most important Quran contests held in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Muntedher El-Mensuri, director of the International Quran Information Center of Imam Hussein Shrine, said that the student, Zuhair Bin Salem El-Hebeshi, was a graduate of the courses conducted by the branch of the Quran House of Imam Hussein Shrine in Jakarta, Indonesia.


He added that the Quran contest El-Hebeshi participated in was the biggest one in the world in which 200 Quran reciters participated.


However, Arabic is neither El-Hebeshi’s mother tongue nor it is spoken in Indonesia, but he interacted with the Quran classes, and he was a high-achieving student, said further El-Mensuri.


It is worth mentioning that the branch of the Quran House, in Indonesia, qualified 300 teachers of Quran, and now has 200 Quran memorizers who are continuing to memorize the whole Noble Quran.



Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi