Restoration of a 300-year-old Holy Quran!

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Ali Tekmaji


The specialized staff in the Imam Hussein Center for Manuscript Maintenance and Restoration is restoring a Holy Quran dating back to the 12th century AH.

The rare artifact belongs to the Faculty of Archeology at the University of Samarra and work to restore it began when the university sent an official request to the Center.

“Our staff first started to examine the Holy Quran and remove the mold and acids,” said the director of the center Munaf al-Temimi.

The stickers were professionally lifted from inside the holy book to prevent any damage to the paper.

“Despite the great damage inflicted on the Holy Quran with missing pages, the staff at the center set 60 days for its complete restoration and packaging,” added al-Temimi.

Imam Hussein Center for Manuscript Maintenance and Restoration, home to over 5700 manuscripts dating back to different eras, was opened by Imam Hussain Holy Shrine during the past years for the purpose of maintaining and restoring manuscripts belonging to the holy shrine.

Translation: Ali Jassem Tekmaji

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