Wareth Oncology Centre, affiliated with the Shrine, gets international recognition

The Warith International Foundation for Oncology, affiliated with the Holy Shrine, announced that Warith Center in Karbala has obtained official recognition from the International Energy Organization to be a training Centre in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, as it is the first of a kind in Iraq.

The head of the nuclear medicine department at the institution, Dr Aisar Najeh, said in an interview, "Through our cadres' hard work efforts and determination, the Centre has got this recognition to be a national training Centre in this field." Noting that " this initiative came under Sheikh Al-Karbalaie's guidance to improve the medical field level in Iraq."

Najeh added, "The recognition came as a result of the institution's great and advanced capabilities in terms of equipment, infrastructure and medical personnel, as the Shrine seeks to graduate well-trained specialized cadres in this field."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas