The Shrine's service plans for children with autism in Iraq

The Psychiatry and Autism Center at the Holy Shrine announced its strategic plan to provide services for children with autism in Iraq.

The director of the center, Dr Osama Abbas, said in an interview, "The Shrine's administration has placed among their current and strategic priorities the coverage of services for patients with autism spectrum."

Abbas explained, "We have a short-term plan that includes a diploma with the University of Tehran for a year, which was initiated to train the cadres from various Iraqi cities in the Shrine's institutes."

He added, "We also have a specialized study colleagueship for autism, which is included in the Arab Board of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, noting that the Shrine provides services for over (1,000) children with Autism in its institutes in Karbala and plans to inaugurate a bigger project in Basra, southern Iraq." 


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas