The Shrine's initiative for orphans, coinciding with Imam Ali's martyrdom anniversary

Coinciding with the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (PBUH) during the blessed Month of Ramadhan, Al-Mizan Center for Home Health Care, affiliated with the Health and Medical Education Authority at the Holy Shrine, launched the (Abu Al-Aytam) initiative (referring to Imam Ali as he represents the Orphans' father in care at that time), which included providing all health services to the orphan children (for free) which will be paid by the Shrine for ten days.

The Director of the Bacteriological Center, Bahaa Al-Waeli, said in an interview that "coinciding with the commemoration of the martyrdom, the representative of the Supreme Religious Authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai, directed to launch (Abu Al-Aytam initiative), and will be lasted for ten days."

He added, "This initiative includes giving all kinds of health services at homes for all orphan patients by specialized cadres, in addition to making laboratory tests and providing the necessary medicines (for free)."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas