Imam Hussain Shrine starts its 'propagation tour' by holding a students' meeting at Jakarta university

The Qur’anic Affairs chancellory at the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine inaugurated its 'propagation tour' in Indonesia with a student forum held at Jakarta University as a part of the program that includes a series of visits.

The Holy Shrine's Secretary-General adviser for Holy Qur’an Affairs and the official delegate, Sheikh Hassan Al-Mansoori, said: "After the great success of the 'religious propagation' experiment launched by the Holy Shrine in Southeast Asia countries and especially in Indonesia, and the impact of the religious figures there. Imam Hussain Shrine is back and resuming its global activity and will be performed by His Eminence, Sayyid Rasheed Al-Husseini, one of the senior scholars of the Religious Hawza in Najaf."

Al-Mansoori added: "The tour started its program at Jakarta State University with students meeting in the Islamic Education department that was focused on the student's role in developing the society's manners, in addition, to learning the rules of memorizing and learning the Holy Qur'an," noting that "the lecture witnessed a noticeable interaction from the students and certain debates and questions were answered by the guest lecturer."

It is stated that the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has previously organized several 'propagation tours' since the launch of its Quranic project in the countries of Southeast Asia.

Translated by / Aba al-Hassan Abbas


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas