Imam Hussain Shrine allocated (50) valuable prizes to the winners of the religious competition for youth

The University propagation Division affiliated with the Department of Religious Affairs at the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine revealed the results of the "Al-Ilmo-Noor" (Science is a Light) competition, which witnessed the participation of more than (10) thousand contestants from inside and outside Iraq.

The head of the department, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Safi, said in an interview with the official website, " holding such competitions aims to increase the knowledge in several aspects in life, especially the religious intellectuality in beliefs, jurisprudence, and ethics"

Al-Safi added that "the competition included (100) questions from The grand AyatoAllah religious references, Sayyid Ali al-Hussaini al-Sistani, Sayyid Muhammad Saeed al-Hakim, Sayyid Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei. 

He concluded that "the Shrine's administration allocated (50) valuable prizes, as the top ten will be sent to perform the single pilgrimage, while the (2nd ten) will be sent to visit the shrine of Imam Redha, while the (3rd ten) will be sent to visit the shrine of Lady Zainab, in addition to giving the (fourth ten) winners, tablets, and the (fifth ten) will give them various electrical devices"

Below are the names of the winners from inside and outside Iraq.

1_ Zahraa Aqil Khorshid Al-Bawi

2_ Ruaa Akram Hussain Al-Hakim

3_ Zahraa Basil Ahmed Al-Kufaishi

4_ Kawthar Saleh Obaid Al-Shamari

5_ Maryam Ayad AbdulKarim

6_ Omid Adnan Khalil

7_ Sarah Laith Abdul Reda Al-gayem

8_ AbdulAmir Haidar Issa Hilal

9_ Ali Hussein Sabti Al-Asadi

10_ Mortadha Ghatran Kadhum

11_ Asma Kadhum Nasser Al-Mir Taha

12_ Ruqayya Abdul-A'ali Abdul-Hussein

13_ Zahraa Al-Batool Abdel-Aali Abdel-Hussein

14_ Zahraa Hamdi Mohamed Saleh Al-Jazaery

15_ Zainab Jihad Mohammad

16_ Zainab Hamdi Mohammed Saleh

17_ Zainab Majed Abd Ali Al-Ayed

18_ Abeer Majid Abd Ali Al-Ayed

19_Fatima Mohammad Al-Saleh

20 _ Nour Al-Huda Maytham Mohammad

21_ Ahmed Hamdi Mohamed Al-Jazaery

22_ Asia Majid Abdul Ali Al Ayed

23_ Ayoub Madlool Nasser Thamer Al-Moussawi

24_ Batool Hamdi Mohammad

25_ Zahraa Youssef Abdel Mohsen Al-Mansoori

26_ Duha Hamdi Muhammad Al-Jazaery

27_ Kadhum Ghatran Kadhum

28_ Mohammad Sahal Mohammad al-Jubouri

29_ Mustafa Ghatran Kadhum

30_ Mustafa Laith Abdul Reda Al-Ghaym

31_ Saeed Sahal Mohammad Al-Jubouri

32_ Waham Majed Abdul Ali Al Ayed

33_ Ahmed Muthanna Radi Al-Jubouri

34_ Ilham Ghani Lazim 

35_ Ahmed Mohammad Matar Al-Absawi

36_ Rasool Abbar Saleh Al-Barki

37_ Mohammad Saad Abdel-Zahraa

38_ Mira Jamal Hassan Ghayyad

39_ Noor Al-Huda Qassem Karim

40_ Zainab Jeddaa' Farhoud

41_ Ali Abbar Saleh Abdul Hassan Al-Barki

42_ Hadi Mohammad Sabah Al-Musawi

43_ Azhar Jedda'a Farhoud

44_ Sarah Burhan Harami Al-Jubouri

45_ Ammar Saad Hamed

46_ Hassan Mohamed Raddam

47_ Anwar Hassan Fadel

48_ Eltfat Raheem Hamza Al-Maamouri

49_ Dhulfiqar Karim Nasser Al-Zaidi

50_ Hawraa Abdul-A'ali Abdul-Hussein Al-Kinani

Translated by / Aba al-Hassan Abbas


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas