Displaced families help Arba'een pilgrims


Some the volunteers helping Arba’een pilgrims were displaced families; they were displaced from Tal’Afer; they lived in Baghdad after that, where people helped them to live a better life until they return home.


Those displaced families came to the holy city of Kerbela and assisted the pilgrims by providing them with food, water, and places to stay in.


Salim Selman, displaced, said, “After we were displaced, we stayed in Baghdad where we established our group of volunteers. We started the group with little equipment, and we expanded the group with more equipment, and now we are proud of serving the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) who come from different countries around the world.”


Abu Selah, displaced, said that as they are away from home, and they feel alien, they can feel how lonely Imam Hussein, Lady Zaineb, and their siblings (Peace Be Upon Them) had been.


Sahi Jebbar, founder of the service group of volunteers, said that his daughter had an illness in her respiratory system, and doctors could not do anything to make her recover. He added that her health would always deteriorate, and she would collapse, and some neighbors would bring her back home.


He said further that his daughter – more than once – saw a person in her dream wearing green clothes, whose face was luminous, told her he was Imam Musa El-Kadhim (Peace Be Upon Him), who asked her to make a pilgrimage to his shrine, and he would pray to God for her recovery.


He added that he did not take his daughter’s speech seriously, but then though about it and took her to El-Kadhim Shrine, and ever since she was recovered.



By: Qasim El-Helfi

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi