Group of kids disseminate message of Karbala through Muharram banners




Each year, a group of nine kids comes out to spread message of Karbala in Budgam, Pakistan.

The group hoists black banners and disseminates importance of Karbala where Imam Hussain and his companions, peace be upon them, were martyred by the army of Yazid.

The brave little ones are Irshad Mohammad, Basit Ali, Muneeb Ali, Rahib Salman, Measum Abbas, Saqib Fayaz, Mohammad Haseeb, Mushahid Ali and Yamin Ali. Irshad and Basit, both aged, 18, are the eldest, while others are 12 to 15.

They first hoist banners in their village and later in the streets of Budgam by climbing on trees and poles. Among these nine kids who also are friends, Measum, a class 5th student has self assigned job of climbing and getting banners erected. He does not fear while climbing atop of poles and trees.

When asked what was their motive behind erecting banners, they unanimously said that their main motive is to spread the message of Karbala.

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