Imam Hussain Shrine's medical centers now receive probable and confirmed Covid-19 cases

Due to a high coronavirus casualty rate, the Imam Hussain Shrine has opened Seyyid Elaoseyaa Pilgrims’ City to receive Covid-19 patients.

Director of the city Mudheffar Mohammed Sha’ban said, “Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Imam Hussain Shrine has been supporting the health sector by hospitalizing probable Covid-19 cases and providing them with outstanding medical services, but it is now receiving even confirmed cases.”

Sha’ban noted that the city works intensively side by side with Kerbela Directorate of Health by monitoring probable cases and isolating and treating confirmed cases.

He also added that the city put over 200 wards at the disposal of the Ministry of Health and offered over 59,000 meals free of charge to patients.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh