Warith al-Anbiya Foundation gives Quranic and jurisprudential lectures in Burkina Faso

Warith al-Anbiya Foundation, affiliated with the African Activities Division at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, continues its intensive lectures in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, on the provisions of intonation and recitation as well as lessons in jurisprudence and beliefs, twice a day for both genders during the holy month.

Sheikh Ali al-Qarawi, head of the division, said, "These lectures are for investing the time after iftar to learn the provisions of the Noble Quran, alongside jurisprudence and beliefs.”

“The establishment of such activities increases the knowledge of the inhabitants in the region and teaches them the correct recitation of the Holy Book,” added al-Qarawi.

Warith al-Anbiya Islamic Foundation is one of the many foundations in Africa affiliated with the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine that aims to propagate the teachings and principles of the Ahlulbayt.