Imam Hussain Holy Shrine responds to US airstrikes on Karbala International Airport

Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has decided that it will file an international lawsuit against the United States over its airstrikes on Karbala International Airport.

“The Holy Shrine will refer to competent international courts in order to file a lawsuit concerning the missile attack early on Friday against Karbala International Airport, as it is among main civilian sites in Iraq,” said spokesperson of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, Sayyed Afdhal al-Shami.  

He added, “The losses sustained include the martyrdom of one of the employees, huge material damage, and destruction of ten vehicles belonging to the executing company."

A source in the Holy Shrine’s Media Department confirmed, “Karbala International Airport is a civilian airport operated by Iraqi companies, and it is one of the strategic projects supervised by the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine.”

“Distorted media outlets have falsely declared the existence of weapon caches and military-training areas inside the airport,” calling on the local and foreign media to document the attack and its destruction from the ground.

On Friday, 13 March 2020, US airstrikes targeted several areas in Iraq, one of which was Karbala International Airport, resulting in the martyrdom of a civilian and the wounding of others working in the construction site, in addition to major damages to the administrative and service facilities.