Religious Schools Division publishes new Quranic curriculum for students of religious sciences

The Religious Schools Division at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine published a new Quranic curriculum entitled “Lessons in the Science of Recitation and Intonation”, in response to the need of Islamic seminaries for an extensive Quranic curriculum in addition to their studies of religious sciences, as the Holy Qur’an is the source of science, which requires that it be read correctly.

Ali al-Khafaji, Quran sciences specialist and author of the curriculum, said, “This came as part of our mission to activate the Quranic field in religious schools as a lesson, a curriculum and an activity,” describing it as an intermediate-level curriculum that meets the need of Quran students and teachers, taking into account straightforwardness and elucidation, and presenting other topics related to the Holy Book that concern the reader, listener and teacher.

“The issuance of publications in various sciences and arts is among the division’s projects, and this curriculum is the first Quranic publication authored that meets the needs of students inside and outside Iraq, and enriches the scientific field. The division’s publications can be obtained through contacting the management,” said Sheikh Ali al-Qarawi, head of the Religious Schools Division.

In the introduction of the curriculum, Sheikh Ahmed al-Safi, Director of the Imam Hussain Religious School, writes that “It will be a substitute for the old curricula, some of which are described as difficult to understand by the recipient, and dealt with matters that have no place in our time.”