Imam Hussain Specialized Center for the Deaf and Mute: Psychological Rehabilitation and Integration into Society

Imam Hussain Specialized Center for the Deaf and Mute provides cultural, social, educational and rehabilitation care and services to the deaf-mute segment in Iraq through its specialized center.

Since its inception in 2015, the center has been under the full sponsorship of the Chief Cleric of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine. The collective efforts of the center’s staff were able to accomplish many qualitative activities in terms of training the deaf-mute, supporting them, integrating them into society positively and enhancing their communication with each other.

One of the most important international activities established by the center was the first international conference for the deaf and mute titled “My Fingertips Speak”, which witnessed a wide participation of Arabs specializing in this field. The international event aimed to unite the deaf-mute people from Arab and Islamic countries under the banner of Imam Hussain, and to alert them to the dangers of religious extremism, sectarian bigotry and racial discrimination.

Other activities include participating in the eighteenth Gulf Forum for Disability in the Sultanate of Oman titled “Tourism of People with Disabilities between Reality and the Future”, through which the topic of Iraq’s joining to the Gulf Disabilities Society was discussed.

Imam Hussain Specialized Center for the Deaf and Mute has many local activities, the most prominent of which is the authoring of the Iraqi-Islamic Sign Dictionary for the Deaf and Mute, establishing workshops in all provinces to vote on words and phrases of the dictionary and unanimously agreeing on its signs.


Ideas and Future Plans of the Center

- Establish joint activities with renowned Arab deaf-mute centers.

- Open representative offices of the center in Iraqi provinces to broaden the center's activities.

- Translate the weekly Friday sermon into sign language.

- Form a joint committee with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to grant translators a license to practice the profession after being qualified by the center.

- Create a special website to communicate with the world, as well as a YouTube channel that deals with various religious and educational programs.

- Expand the courses for sign language to include all Iraqi provinces.