Message to Iraqi government to support orphans, families of martyred and wounded

Superintendent of Imam Hussain Shrine’s orphan schools Se’ed EdDeen Elbenna’ called on the governmental agencies to support the families of the martyred and wounded Iraqi paramilitaries and soldiers.

Elbenn’a said the governmental agencies are responsible for these families and orphans.

Elbenna’s statement came on the sidelines of launching a special program for more than 150 orphans from the holy city of Kerbela and some displaced orphans and families from Mosul.

He added that all the citizens and authorities concerned ought to support the orphans and the families of the martyred and wounded.

He indicated that the Imam Hussain Shrine attracts the orphans to attend its free-of-charge, modern schools, in addition to providing them with free healthcare.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi