Imam Hussain Holy Shrine hosts a delegation of Christians to visit an old church in western Karbala

Many of landmarks remain evidences of the religious and cultural depth of the city of Karbala, including the Church of al-Qaseer, which - according to studies – dates back to the fifth century AD.

Located in the western part of the holy city, this church is one of the oldest churches in the Middle East. It belongs to the Chaldean community and includes a collection of monuments and tombs, some of which are attributed to the monks of the church.

The Department of Public Activities and the Religious Schools Division at the Holy Shrine hosted a special program for a Christian group in Iraq to visit this church.

"The existence of this church is a clear sign that there has been coexistence among the people of this country to this day,” said the director of a research institution on Christians in Iraq Father Maysar Behnam from the Chaldean Church.

The delegation thanked the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine for the great opportunity and warm hospitality.