First time in Iraq – Shia Endowment Bureau unveils Noble Quran handwritten by Iraqi calligrapher

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In a stately ceremony, the National Center for Quranic Science, affiliated with the Shia Endowment Bureau, has announced the completion of the project of handwriting the Noble Quran.

Bureau Chief Ala’ ElMoseawei, and the International Quran Revision Committee attended the ceremony, in which ElMoseawei delivered a speech and said, “Today marks the day of the completion of the first Noble Quran edition handwritten by Iraqi calligrapher Hadi EdDerraji.”

He added that this Quran edition has been thoroughly reviewed by the International Quran Revision Committee, which is comprised of Quran experts from Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, and Iran.

ElMoseawei noted that the next step will be publishing this edition, which will be called the “Iraqi Quran Edition,” in various sizes and distributing it in Iraq and the Arab countries.

Calligrapher Hadi EdDerraji said that it took him 10 years to handwrite the Noble Quran and have it revised. He added that he used natural inks and natural reed pens to handwrite this edition.


By: Hussain Hamid ElMoseawei

Translation: Mohammed AlObaidi

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