AlSistani – in victory speech: Victory over ISIS isn't end of war on terrorism

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The Imam Hussain Shrine’s website re-posts what the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority emphasized in Friday’s sermon on December 15, 2017 concerning achieving victory over ISIS and combating terrorism.

Sheikh Abdul-Mehdi AlKarbala’ey, delivering Friday’s sermon, said: “Achieving victory over ISIS is not the end of war on terrorism—this war will continue as long as there are people who have been misled, and have therefore embraced radical ideology; those who don’t accept peaceful coexistence with other people who disagree with them in terms of opinion or creed, or refrain from killing innocent civilians, terrifying children and women, and destroying the country in order to achieve their goals—such people, as they think, become closer to God by committing such crimes.”

“Beware of faltering in tackling this constant peril or overlooking hidden terrorists and sleeper cells that are lurking for the opportunity to jeopardize the country’s security and stability,” AlKarbala’ey added.

He noted: “Combating terrorism lies in confronting its radical religious and ideological roots and suppressing its human and financial assets—and that requires sophisticated plans to be set in order to fulfil the results sought after. Although the work of the security forces and the intelligence service is crucial in cracking down terrorism, volunteer work is a necessity to end the extreme activities by disseminating the sense of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, in addition to improving living conditions in the territories liberated from ISIS, rebuilding what's been destroyed, and resettling the displaced people without belittling them or diminishing their constitutional rights and avoiding making the previous mistakes in dealing with them.”


Editing: Wela’ EsSeffar

Translation: Mohammed AlObaidi

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