Closing statement of the Fifth Tarateel Sajjadiya International Festival

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In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate


“And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression.” Holy Quran (5:2)



With a humble invitation from the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine to participate in the Fifth Tarateel Sajjadiya International Festival held under the title “The Treatise of Rights of Imam al-Sajjad (pbuh): Realistic Foundations for Peaceful Co-existence” and with the conclusion of the festival’s activities, the participants showed their gratitude to the Holy Shrine for its initiative to protect the similarities amongst Muslims to unite them. They also announced their readiness to disseminate the principles of the Treatise of Rights, which is derived from the principles of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and recommended the following:

  • The Treatise of Rights and the duties came to be a universal constitution unlike any other constitution. The treatise has attracted all the constitutions of the world to lay the foundations for the peaceful coexistence of society.


  • The selection of the festival’s theme (peaceful coexistence) was successful to the extent that it conforms to the aspirations of societies to achieve security, peace and stability.


  • Islam gives its opponents their rights as long as they do not initiate the attack.


  • The definition of rights and their concepts is according to the divine definition of man as a successor to God on earth without recognizing the heterogeneity according to geography or the ruling political system.


  • The acquired right, which is related to the Muslim, is the same in a reciprocal manner to the other, whatever his color or race may be.


  • The duty of giving self-rights, as it is the trust of God with you, so do not betray this trust by using it for evil and sin.


  • The rights are not one-way, just as you demand your rights you have to give others their rights as well.


  • The protection of rights ensures self-reconciliation and reconciliation with others, thus establishing peaceful, social, family and religious coexistence.


  • The individual's belief in the rights of his rights and the removal of the rights of others is considered a ‘pharaonic system’ with various names according to the eras.


  • The linking of rights to the divine truth as the fundamental reference eliminates the violation of the rights of others.


  • The Treatise of Rights is a humane, educational and social message, which outlines the peaceful and social coexistence of all humanity because it emphasizes on the ethical system that no one can deny.



Holy Karbala

27 Muharram 1440 AH

7 October, 2018 AD


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