Imam Hussain Youtube Channel wins Youtube Silver Creator Award

Imam Hussain Youtube Channel has won the Youtube Silver Play Button (Youtube Creator Award) after hitting more than 100,000 subscribers.

Wela’ Esseffar – channel’s founder and founder of Imam Hussain Foundation for Digital Media – said that getting the Youtube Silver Play Button (Youtube Creator Award) means that Imam Hussain Youtube Channel is now internationally recognized.

He added that the award has been sent from the headquarters of Youtube, located in the city of San Bruno, California – America, to the Imam Hussain Shrine, accompanied by a letter of appreciation for complying with Youtube’s regulations.  

Esseffar confirmed that the Creator Award is not granted to any Youtube channel that hits 100,000 subscribers, but it is granted to the channel that follows the regulations, constantly uploads new videos, and is people’s favorite.

As’ad Sadiq Essereah – Foundation TV production director – said that the Imam Hussain Youtube Channel is connected to high-definition live cameras inside the Imam Hussain Shrine.

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Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi