El-Kerbela'ey: Woman preacher's role not less important than woman engineer or doctor


On the sidelines of the current Conference on Woman, a symposium for woman preachers has been held by Warith El-Embeya Foundation for Specialized Studies in which the custodian of Imam Hussein Shrine sheikh Abdul-Mehdi El-Kerbela’ey said that a woman preacher’s role is not less important than a woman doctor and a woman engineer, for the woman preacher’s responsibility is to preach important and sensitive issues in religion and belief that the society needs.


He said further, “We hope that women will read the stories of the roles of the wives of the martyrs who fought ISIS and laid down their lives for their country (Iraq); those women are similar to the women who supported their husbands to support Imam Hussein in Et-Tef battle.”


He added that the researches submitted to the conference carried intellectual enrichment of the Zainebian ideology.


He also recommended that women should establish a media center for women and be open to the other Islamic denominations.



By: Hussein Hamid El-Musewi

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi