Beni Asad tribe and Iraqi tribes commemorate 13th day of Ashura


As an annual tradition; part of the means of commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, his family, and his companions (Peace Be Upon Them), Bani Asad tribe has commemorated the anniversary of the 13th Day of Ashura, which marks the third day after the martyrdom when women from Bani Asad tribe had seen the holy bodies and asked the men of their tribe to inter them.


The tribal procession – along with other tribes – carrying signs through which they expressed their heartfelt sorrow at Imam Hussein’s (Peace Be Upon Him) tragedy arrived at Imam Hussein Shrine, carrying a symbolic coffin of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him).


Bani Asad tribe’s annual tradition tells that they were the first group of people who helped Imam Ali Es-Sejjad, son of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Them) inter the holy bodies.


For the significant role of the women who urged the men of their tribe on the 13th day of Ashura to attend the holy bodies and inter them, today thousands of women from Beni Asad tribe attend Imam Hussein Shrine every single year – as if they are telling the Imam that they are here again, willing to help inhume the holy bodies. It is also an act of condoling with Lady Fatima El-Zehra and Lady Zaineb (Peace Be Upon Them) on Imam Hussein’s (Peace Be Upon Him) tragic martyrdom.



By: Amer Nuri

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi